Cotswold Country House

Sisters Cottage is a charming 18th century house situated in the Cotswold countryside. It’s been extended many times over the centuries, which has resulted in a layout that’s now quite dysfunctional.

Our project brief was to upscale the building from a cottage to a house and make it work for twentieth century living – both in terms of layout and style.

Structurally we did two main things to achieve this.

First we moved the kitchen to the back of the property and created a modernised kitchen/diner which now acts as a family hub and makes the garden a more integral part of the house.

Second we moved the staircase from the old part of the house to the middle, by way of a new front extension. This allowed us to create a central staircase that not only serves as a grand design feature but has also made the upstairs rooms far more accessible by removing the archaic corridor of through rooms.

Stylistically we married the traditional and the modern by adding daylight to every space – via skylights, windows and the floor-to-ceiling corner doors that enable such a strong connection with the garden.