Courtyard House

Our client acquired two detached Cotswold barns in a conservation area and commissioned us to join them together – turning two Cotswold holiday homes and their surrounding gardens into one forever home.

Leading a team of specialist consultants, we developed an alternative property layout to suit our client’s requirements.

The house is on one storey, with each room enjoying vaulted double height space, based around a main Courtyard. A modern glazed link now connects the two houses, and a separate double Garage includes a self-contained Annexe.

The front entrance was relocated to near the driveway, placing the social rooms at one end of the house, and more private rooms at the other. It was important to have a strong connection between the house and gardens, so each room in the house opens onto one of the three courtyards.

The Courtyard House won a 2015 International Property Award. It was also featured in The English Home magazine.