Grade 2 Listed Farmhouse

A Cotswold Farmhouse built in the 17th and 18th centuries, Furlong was beginning to show its age. The layout was not well suited to modern living and the building was in need of a little TLC. We were appointed to bring the property into the 21st Century in a way that not only embraced modern architecture but was also respectful of the building’s long history.

The first challenge that arose from our client brief was that the farmhouse is Grade 2 Listed and in a conservation area. So, we began the project by collaborating with the Local Authority to agree where the modern elements could go, in order to be respectful to both the house’s character and the surrounding environment.

With that agreement in place, we set about reconfiguring the farmhouse’s layout. The main way we did that was by moving the kitchen to the back of the building – where the garden and natural light are situated – and incorporating large sliding glass doors. This allowed us to create an increased connection between the main family living space and the garden. The old kitchen then became the new entrance hall, which allowed access to the building from the front, helping to optimise the flow through the house and also improve privacy.

In addition, our clients wanted to build an annexe and a garage on their driveway (a fantastic, versatile space). So, we removed the old run-down outbuildings and replaced them with new, efficient and robust buildings. This not only created a visual connection between the buildings but it also produced a new, better-defined driveway and helped to marcate the start of the property.